Medcentration is an intellectual discipline technique that has been formulated by Bahman Yazdanfar and has been in the process of being developed since 1995. In this method one attempts to get into a state of awareness by concentrating on the mind’s thinking process.

       Medcentration involves focusing attention on a single experience in one’s life, tracing its characteristics, attributes, and repetitions, and examining its emotional attribute changes in order to understand oneself.

       Medcentration is practised outside religious traditions and encompasses a wide range of experimental, spiritual and psychophysical issues, unique to the individual who practises it; this type of intellectual exercise focuses on overviewing the mind state, in order to understand changes in one’s life and to obtain the sort of inner confidence which results in a peaceful state of mind.

       The term Medcentration means “to measure one issue at a time”. It has been invented by Bahman Yazdanfar, who believes that the process of life, from inception to death, has a vertical spiral funnel pattern and mind imprint, similar to the shape of a tornado, and one can always remember past experience in broken synapses.

       Yazdanfar says that if impressions of one’s past were a “time line” as is commonly believed, one could have a vivid view of one’s life from the beginning to the present, which is not the case. As we grow physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, the diameter widens and distance increases. Hence, our mental view of past experiences fades over time and becomes fragmented as we age.

       Medcentration is a technique to capture these fragmentations and to analyze experiences and issues, for a period of a time from different angles, one at a time. The major difference between Medcentration and other forms of the meditation is the brain activity and length of the process.

       Although stress reduction, a peaceful mind and tranquility are the major parts of the desired result, it is not done passively and needs full mental engagement at the beginning, until it becomes a habit.

       The aim of Medcentration is to resolve inner barriers which stop one from achieving inner peace. Everyone has specific characteristics or traits, unique personal experiences, and different life expectations. Therefore, by applying this technique, one could customize and adapt the process at one’s own pace, time, and location, to explore the natural qualities and its manifestations within.

       Medcentration is not about changing our thoughts, feelings, or emotional attachment, it is a method with which to discover them. Yazdanfar believes that understanding of one’s self will transform thoughts automatically, and one can evolve only by examining the evidence of the past methodically, carefully, and logically.

       Medcentration has many potential applications. It can be used as a self healing process, mentally and physically, over a period of time. Through its methodology, one can gain new control of a wide range of behavioural-pattern and self-esteem issues.

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