Step 1 - Visualize!
    Our sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste senses receive information mainly through our conscious mind and retain them in our sub-conscious mind. Visualizing helps us to get a nostalgic feeling of a memory that is buried in our sub-conscious mind without any conscious thinking, and retrieving our specific senses associated with that experience. The dominant source for obtaining knowledge, for most of us, is either audio or visual.

  Why do you remember?
    Uninvited memories usually surface because of a trigger through one or more of our senses. Acknowledging this trigger helps us to retain this memory for a longer time, and also helps us to pinpoint the Anchor point in some cases.

  How do you see it?
    The way we re-live an event from our past is an indicator of how deep its foot print is in our emotions, and has little or no relation to the time that has passed. The clarity of the event and the related details are significant.

  As a third party observer, or as a first person in it?
    If we look at an experience of ours from the third person point of view and can see ourselves as part of the whole scene, that means that we have detached ourselves from that incident, either by choice, time, or other circumstances.
    When we are unable to see ourselves in the event that we have just remembered, and only see the other subjects involved, we can come to the conclusion that we are connected to that experience in our sub-conscious.

  Can you feel the ambiance?
    Some people are better equipped to connect themselves to their past through kinetics. Then the question is whether you feel the sensation of touch and its intensity, while remembering a specific event.

  Can you hear, the sounds and voices?
    Those of us who receive and interpret information primarily by listening are likely to remember sounds and voices.

  Can you smell fragrances, associated to the event?
    Although our olfactory system is not as strong as our visual and audio system in restructuring an experience, it plays a major role in parts of our life by connecting some of our strong emotions to significant events to remember.

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